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 These stories are based on Brittany's biggest fantasy, being "stuck" somewhere with someone and having the situation turn sexual. You can purchase these short stories through Audible, Amazon and Itunes.


Have you ever had a bad day? Like, best friend steals your crush, you're alone at a cheesy carnival and the best fuck you've had in a while has been yourself, kinda bad day? Sometimes, the worst days can turn into the best nights. Nights that change the course of your life... Maybe even bring your sexual awakening. Enter: The Stranger on the Ferris Wheel. Your luck is about to change...

Sample - Stranger on the Ferris WheelStuck Erotica Series
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Dom and Loathing Small Cover.jpg

Monika was very fucking good at her weekday job – a high-stakes, high-earning luxury car sales gig. This woman was not only an expert bullshitter in any subject - she loved controlling a situation. Power made her wet. Which leads us to one of her other countless fortés: Monika, was a Dominatrix.... 

Sample - Dom & Loathing On The Side Of The RoadStuck Erotica Series
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Most cops are smart. Some cops... Not so much. Luckily our hero has other things going for him: a smile, good instincts, and a huge... gun. Rookie Cop meets Milkshake Femme Fatale in this sexy story that also teaches us some important lessons - police issued handcuffs are NOT a toy. Not outside the bedroom, anyway.

Sample - Screw The Police!Stuck Erotica Series
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There were three words to describe Music Professor Brandon Montgomery: strict, smart and sinfully gorgeous. He's one of the most sought after professors in my university because he's a three-time Nobel Prize winner and has an acclaimed reputation for being an amazing bang.

Kassandra Smith knows it was close to impossible to get a single emotion out of the elusive yet sinfully gorgeous Professor. But with one night being locked in the lecture hall, she might just crack his cool and haughty facade.

Sample - Getting An F in Lecture HallStuck Erotica Series
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Snowed In Deep1smaller.jpg

I had a plan... It was bulletproof. Or so I thought. Get a degree, find a decent job... Not so much. Now two years into "adulting" I was a nanny AND an Uber driver with a massive student loan debt. I guess almost everyone else my age was in the same boat. So.. jobs are hard to find. But luck fell into my lap and I landed a gig at a small northern town TV Station reporting news. I would love to say I made it to North Slope but I didn't. I'm not even entirely sure about what happened that night... did Beau protect me from the Wolves or was that all in my head?

Sample - Snowed In, DeepStuck Erotica Series
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Lydia was trying to summon something... a demon... maybe a date? What she ended up with was more than what she bargained for. Trapped on the wrong side of the summoning circle with only one way out... Will she strike up a deal with the devil to save herself?

Sample - Waking Up On The Wrong Side of the Summoning CircleStuck Erotica Series
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Lee and Jen decide to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary by going sailing together, alone, for the first time without assistance. However, sailing their boat 'Gord Drownie' through a storm leads them into inevitable trouble. When they become stranded, there's only one way they know how to relieve their tension and rekindle their love...

Sample - A Naughty Nautical DisasterStuck Erotica Series
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Mary took a deep breath and let out a sigh, leaning back against the wall of the elevator. As she did so, her eyes fluttered down to the documents in her hand, knowing that she was never going to be able to deliver them on time. She had been stuck inside the elevator for what felt like forever and it seemed to be taking the repair woman hours to travel a distance of fifteen minutes. It wasn’t until Mary looked up at the sound of the door being pressed upon that she finally felt a hint of relief fill her chest. “Hold on there, Mary!” called out a feminine, though powerful voice....

Sample - Two Women One ElevatorStuck Erotica Series
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Mallory and Nick's yearly Halloween tradition is a little naughty fun in the corn maze, but this year is a little bit different. This time, it's not just the two of them...

Sample - Cuckold In The Corn MazeStuck Erotica Series
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Hauntingly HisStuck Erotica Series
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Sample - Lucky Lock InStuck Erotica Series
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Sample - A Last Minute Christmas FuckStuck Erotica Series
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