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Hire Me For A Custom Audio


Thank you so much for being interested in commissioning me - I love to bring your ideas to life via sound!!



Important Details:

💜By contacting me for a commission you agree you are at least 18+ years old


💜Payment is required upfront (Meaning you must pay for the audio BEFORE your project goes into my queue) - I accept payment via Paypal or Gumroad. It could take up to 3 weeks to complete your audio from when I receive the final script/payment


💜I retain the rights to use the audio. That means once its completed, I can redistribute it in any way I see fit. Read more about this in the "Rights & Privacy " section.


💜Once the completed audio is sent, you can make up to 2 adjustments on the final file for free. After that; modifications will cost extra depending on the details of the commission


💜If I do not feel comfortable with a request, I will not be upset or make fun of you for asking, I will just politely decline. Please respect my boundaries. Some kinks may have an additional fee, but overall I am very kink friendly

🚫 No Scat, Piss Play, Bestiality or Race Play

💜I determine my rate based on the going rates in the Erotic Audio Industry and using the Global Voice Acting Academy Rate Guide. Generally my rates are LOW compared to others in the industry


How to Hire Me:
Send me an email about your idea! I need a general outline of your story - this doesn’t have to be too detailed - my writer will have more questions for you later. I just need to know if its a story I’d be comfortable doing before we move forward.

I am like Ron Burgundy with the teleprompter. While I may like to ad-lib every now and then, I always require a script.

It’s okay if you don’t have one and I like to be able to review your idea before you invest in a script; but here’s how the process of getting one works:

If you do not have a script:
I have a writer that I work with exclusively that you can commission a script from. You will be responsible for paying the writer for the script before the recording starts. Their rate is 6cents per word and I can provide you with their contact information if you need it, once we discuss your idea. The script you commission from my writer is exclusive and cannot be re-shared.

There is no guarantee I will do a script that ISN’T written by my writer


If you have a script:
It must be written by you OR you have direct permission from the writer to use it for this purpose. I will also want to reach out to your chosen writer to make sure they are okay with this, so please provide me with their information in the email!

If you are writing your own script, I require a very specific writing style. The listener must be a participant. Click here for an example of a script, so you can mimic this style. Please let me know if you would like to be listed as the writer on the project, or if you'd rather stay anonymous


The cost of the audio is based on the LENGTH of your script - please make sure you tell my writer how many words you'd like, or use this word counter on your own script to make sure it stays within the limit


Cost Breakdown:

Prices are in USD and TAX is an additional 13% of the final cost
I may “ad lib” a little when recording your audio, but you will not be charged for the extra words I added “in the heat of the moment”


Up to 90 words (about 1min) $50

100 to 400 words (1-5mins)  $80

500 to 900 words (5-10 mins) $120

1000 to 1400 words (10-15 mins) $160

1500 to 1900 words (15-20 mins) $200

2000 to 2400 words (20-25mins) $240

*At this time I am not offering custom audios longer than 25minutes but you are welcome to get sequels or trilogy's done to continue your story/idea

All SFX are included in the cost such as background music, ambience, wet sounds etc.
If you would like your audio WITHOUT sound effects, please let me know in advance

Cost Add Ons:

Add Your Name: **I will edit your name out for my use
+$25 per name (Flat fee) ex. using 2 different names would cost $50 - using one name multiple times is only $25

Taboo Kink Charge: For cases when a kink may be outside of my personal comfort zone or extreme. This is a limited case-by-case basis. I am VERY open to lots of requests and generally don't charge additional for kink.
+$50 (Flat fee)

Once the audio is complete, It will be delivered via email through a dropbox link, please download it as the link will eventually expire


Rights & Privacy:

I retain the full rights to audios that I make, no matter the use, commission, or otherwise. That means I have full legal ownership to post my audio when or how I would like. I retain all rights to the resulting audio including the distribution, reproduction, and sale of my audios in all forms. This includes reselling on Gumroad or posting on Patreon, Reddit, PornHub and so on. Again, Names will always be edited out of the final files that get shared.

I will NEVER share the information of my clients, ever.
Your privacy and comfort are my priority.


I reserve the right to change any of these terms, including limits, rates, and add ons, at any given time, but not retroactively (after the fact)

You may not redistribute, share with others, or post my content without my written explicit authorization PRIOR to doing so. Posted audios without my written explicit authorization will face legal action, including payment for legal fees, royalties, and back payment for license fees of $500+ $50.00 per minute of shared audio without my consent

Please let me know in your email that you have reviewed these terms and agree to them.

If you have any questions please ask prior to payment.


I look forward to hearing your idea :)

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