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Some of these were written by Brittany and others were written by reddit users on the subreddit GoneWildAudio.

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Feeding Your Goth Mimic Girl
✩Written By: Mental_Trap
✩Art By: Zendrin Bot
Themes in this audio include: [Monster Girl] [Ownership] [Blowjob] [Deepthroat] [Feeding] [Food] [Girl-On-Top] [Sucking Fingers] [While Fucking] [Appetite] [Cumming in Throat] [Throatpie] [Cumming While Sucking]

You've just asked your long-term girlfriend to marry you! The two of you are so in love and so excited to start a family together, it's impossible to wait.
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Premarital BreedingWritten By Brittany Babbles
00:00 / 22:26

That Time You Got Reincarnated to Save a People Except They Are Orcs!?
You take the Chieftain's Virginity Instead...
Written By Reddit User: Inceststick

Taking The Orc Chieftains VirginityWritten By Reddit User Inceststick
00:00 / 33:50

If you find yourself sitting across from an empty chair this Valentine's day, maybe... JUST MAYBE the goddess of love will take notice of you and appear in human form to fulfil your desires.
Written By Reddit User: Mental_Trap

Cum Inside Your Tight Little Cupid On Valentine’s DayWritten By Reddit User Mental_Trap
00:00 / 22:10

It's the full moon tonight. Not that you'd know. For you, it's a night like any other: necessary, short, and cold. And lonely. Like every night, you fall asleep fantasizing about Her... About Her divine body crushing you with firmness, suffocating you in softness, drowning you in moistness, and drying what's left of you off in blazing heat. But you're not touching yourself. You've learned that giving your body release before sleep keeps Her from coming to you in your dreams. And as intoxicating as Her miraculous body is, what you truly long for is more so still; Her inexplicable, affectionate devotion and worship. Her hunger for you, and how powerful it makes you feel. You fall asleep frustrated, but full of hope. Will you find release tonight?
Written by Reddit User: Inceststick

The Spider in Your RoomWritten By Reddit User: Inceststick
00:00 / 27:29
Fucking Your Slutty Girlfriend In The ParkWritten By: Brittany
00:00 / 11:16

You go for a picnic in the park with your girlfriend, but shes horny and needs your cock, even if someone sees!
Written by: Brittany

Shy Girlfriend Dominates You For The FirWritten By Reddit User: Eatsthewholeass
00:00 / 25:59

A while ago you told your shy girlfriend about your submissive side and asked her if she would ever be interested in dominating you sexually. She's done some thinking, along with some "research", and it looks like today is the day she's willing to give it a shot. Written by Reddit user: Eatsthewholeass

Rainy Day BreedingWritten By Reddit User: Burnerforlit
00:00 / 22:46

It's too rainy to do anything but stay in bed and make a baby. 
Written by Reddit user: Burnerforlit

Sweet Girlfriend Teaches You How To Make Her ComeWritten By: Brittany
00:00 / 07:39

Your sweet girlfriend tells you exactly what to do to make her come using your hands and mouth. A lesson in giving a woman oral.
Written by Brittany

Eating Ass Is Gross and WrongWritten By Reddit User: ElbyLithiumBomb
00:00 / 14:18

Eating Ass is Gross and Wrong, and I can't believe you just made me do that.
Your girlfriend may resist and deny enjoying a rim job but she still let it happen...
Written by Reddit user: ElbyLithiumBomb

Hot AI GirlWritten By Reddit User: Forest_Firefly and Mentally_Trapped
00:00 / 24:22

Hot AI Girl will do anything to convince you not to clear her memory. Click play and get ready to turn up my pleasure sensors. 
Written by Reddit users: Forest_Firefly and Mentally_Trapped