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Updated: Jan 27

I'm pretty much an open book! I like to talk about everything and anything (although I do keep sexual topics between Onlyfans members and I) Here are some frequently asked questions: Have you ever had a nickname? When I was little my parents called me "squirt". Now as an adult woman I feel its completely inappropriate so they don't call me that anymore. Lots of people call me "Britt". I generally don't care what you call me as long as it isn't "Karen". I remember one of the radio stations I worked for made a promotional audio that played during my show that said something along the lines of "Don't call her Britt Britt" and inevitably everyone started calling me that and thought I hated it. I didn't really mind haha!! Moving forward I love the idea of being called "Babbles" or "Babs" but "Brittany" or "Britt" is fine too! Do you collect anything? I have a few things that I collect! I love Cross Stitch. I used to always try to find some when I went thrifting but I haven't been thrift store shopping since the pandemic started so I haven't added any new pieces to my collection. These are all made of thread! My sister bought me a kit to make my own but I haven't tried yet (I don't think I posses the patience) Here are a few I have hanging around the house:

I've got quite the collection of Board Games but no friends to really play them with (all my friends live an airplane ride away) I have many different versions of Monopoly, The Game of Life, Jenga, Ironically I used to play Pandemic a lot *sigh* These days that one hits a little too close to home so it stays in the closet.

And then there's my houseplant collection! I may be an avid gardener but I could never keep houseplants alive for very long (I still murder some here and there). I'm happy to say I've finally got a nice collection of plants living in my house! These African Violets are extremely difficult to kill *and they're my fav color*

My sister has started buying me garden gnomes for my backyard. I only have a few of those so I wouldn't call it a "collection" yet but it's on the brink of exploding. What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten? Have you ever heard of a Rocky Mountain Oyster? Neither had I until someone talked me into trying it. Also called a Prairie Oyster here in Canada and they're bull testicles. Yes people eat them, Yes I've tried it, I don't remember it being any better or worse than a meatball, a little chewy like calamari *shrug* What was your first job? My parents owned a restaurant and I helped around there in my teenage years. Cleaning tables, helping my grandma in the kitchen. I eventually got my Serving Certification to sell/serve alcohol and I got a job at Boston Pizza as a waitress. So I'm not sure which one counts as my first, probably BP because working for family is just practice for the real thing, right?

What made you take the leap to work for yourself, full time recording and creating content? I was let go from my radio job with yearly company cuts in 2017! I had just purchased a house and wasn't about to go anywhere. Finding another radio job usually means relocating or commuting because there aren't many stations in one city (and even rarer that a close one would be hiring when you need it). The pay is generally low for the amount of stress/effort and I wasn't about to uproot everything I just worked so hard for, to take another mediocre paying job that caused me a lot of anxiety. Do you miss radio? No, as mentioned previous; radio caused me a lot of stress and anxiety. It was a job where I was constantly working, always thinking about the next thing to talk about and the next joke to tell. Finding a way to keep people engaged and listening, while keeping my boss happy with my on air content and public appearances. Did you know I'm an introvert?! Plus I had to have a very "Safe For Work" personality and most of them time I had to be someone I was not. I was getting too far away from who I am as a person, I felt very restricted in what I was allowed to do. I had felt that about radio for a long time but I just kept up with the motions. It was a great time for my career to turn in a different direction!

When you were in radio, I know you struggled mentally some days. This never goes away, but do you find this to be better working for yourself or do you feel more pressure? There is a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulder now that I work for myself. Imagine doing a radio show every day... You need to keep your boss happy AND somehow keep the listener informed while being fun/entertaining/personable all within 1min30second talk breaks between music. You need to prepare relevant stories and topics in advance, based on the type of station you work for (Pop music stations want family friendly stories and fun facts, Rock stations want edgier content). You have a very short time to catch peoples attention, keep it, have them understand your topic in as revised of a fashion you can make it but still include as many facts as possible and end that on a joke or something to make someone think or want to call in; to engage in your conversation. You spend all day prepping for "tomorrows show" and stressing about how "today's show" went. Its an exhausting cycle. Working for myself, I can now make my own schedule, I don't overload myself. If I need more money, I can work harder and put in more hours. It doesn't always work that way, but I have more control. My pay doesn't have a "limit". I don't have a boss bringing me into his office to review my radio shows and discuss trivial things that made the listeners mad. I can talk about anything I want, I can do any TYPE of content I want. I'm free. I don't need the stressful radio show energy in my life as a 30+ year old woman. I'm too tired for it. Being a entrepreneur and gaining financial success via your own creative means has to be mentally taxing, and in some instances unbearably stressful and emotionally unstabilizing, any advice on how to continue to produce quality content even though said stress is arising? Other than your gardening and greenhouse of course, how else do you silence that little voice that makes people doubt they're work. I think the pressure I was put under to perform in radio has given me a lot of strength. I was never able to "stop" to give in to those feelings when I worked in radio. The show must go on, so I just had to push through it and keep going. It has made things easier for me now, working for myself... However, I am ALWAYS doubting my work. I check things 10, 20, 30 times. I edit and review and revise CONSTANTLY. You need to stick to your own standards. If you create a piece of content that you have doubts about, the content doesn't meet your personal standards, rework it or put it away to revisit in a few months (so you can look at it with a fresh set of eyes) and work on something new that you are more excited about. My favorite quote is "A creative project is never finished only abandoned". I remind myself often that I am the only person I have to please at the end of the day! I have multiple streams of income, I don't ever rely on one source. I plan and prepare. Being self employed means having many different backup plans. Its great that people want to support my creative side, but I don't put pressure on it to be my only money maker. I invest in myself and my talents. This year I signed up to Masterclass Online Classes to learn about Comedy from Steve Martin, Photography from Annie Leibovitz and Writing from Judy Blume! Always be investing in your future, yourself and your business and you wont have time to listen to that little voice of doubt! What are some of your favorite pieces of content you've made? This is a hard question for me because I always favor the newest piece of content I've released. I'm constantly learning new things and applying new techniques so I am always excited about whatever it is I've most recently released. A few of my favorite audio pieces I created in 2020 were my first ever Monster Girl script "The Spider In Your Room" which you can listen to for free on this page *click here* and the half an hour multiple orgasm audio *with real orgasms* that came out last month on OnlyFans! Thank you for sending in these questions!! One of my goals this year is to share more about myself on this blog. Sometimes you can catch me doing an "Ask Me Anything" on my Instagram page or you can email questions to me any time at -BB

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