Audio: Addressing Your Small Penis With Your Fiancé at Therapy

Your fiancé has insisted you two go to therapy. Things just aren't working out for her... you aren't pleasing her sexually. But that's okay! Don't worry. That's why you're at therapy today. To work through this "little" issue. Your "little" problem. To find a solution that satisfies BOTH of you. Click here to listen to the 22min audio Themes in this audio include: [F4MF] [Femdom] [SPH] [4Inches] [Realistic] [Open Relationship] [Judging Your Cock] [Hand job] [Lube] [Brief Girl On Top] [Cum Countdown for him and her] [Premature Ejaculation] [Unsatisfying Penis] [Small Woman] [Strap On] [Bush] [Female moans] [Boy Vagina] [Good Boy] This was a custom audio commission Click here to hire me for a project! Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles

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