Audio PART2: No Way You're Losing Your Virginity On MY Watch!

Click here to listen to PART1 Your college bully is back to make sure you didn't go out on that little date with nerd girl tonight. The Mean Girl visits your dorm and domination ensues with a surprise twist. Will you be a good boytoy? Click here to listen to the 13min audio *Trigger Warning: Rape Themes Other themes in this audio include: [Fdom] [Facesitting] [Dirty Talk] [Blackmail] [Rape] [Reluctance] [Bullying] [Degrading] [tsundere maybe] [Handjob] [blowjob] [69] [Possessive] [subtle cuckquean vibes] Written By Reddit User u/Garland-variety Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles

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