Audio: Public Indecency - Offender #1

**CONTENT WARNING - this audio contains fantasy depictions of gore and violence. You were caught breaking the rules and we have very specific punishments for offenders. Today; yours includes being restrained and exposed to the public, as they will decide what you deserve for the crime you've committed. I'm just here to observe... maybe encourage a little... but I promise you, this will not be enjoyable. Click here to listen to the 21min audio Themes in this audio include: [Public Nudity] [Public Shaming] [Restraints] [CFNM] [SPH] [CBT] [Degradation] [Non Con] [Hard Torture] [Slapping] [Stomping] [Heels] [Ball Kicking] [Castration] [Angry Chihuahua] [Ball Squishing] [Gore] All characters are 18+ Written by Reddit User u/Orchid_Anatomy Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles *This story was a custom audio commission* Hire me to bring your fantasy to life! Find my custom audio rates by clicking here

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