Audio: The 5 Minute Multiple Orgasm Challenge

Welcome to The 5 Minute Multiple Orgasm Challenge where I try to cum as many times as I can in 5mins!! I never really go unscripted soooo forgive my awkwardness! I went into the recording booth in the morning, before I had the chance to have an orgasm that day so it was REALLY easy to get the first one out of me... (no joke, I cum within the first minute I have my vibrator turned on)!! I've NEVER just forcefully held my vibrator to my clit for 5mins straight so this was... an experience. I came 4 times but by the end of it I wasn't sure how many - I was so sensitive and wiggly I couldn't focus on anything and... well... I was in a pretty good mood afterward haha! This was my first "Erotic Challenge" please let me know how I did Themes in this audio include: [Moans] [Vibrator] [Heavy Breathing] [Giggles] [Multiple Orgasms] [Timer] Click here for the 7min audio

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