Audio: The Spider in Your Room

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

It's the full moon tonight. Not that you'd know. For you, it's a night like any other: necessary, short, and cold. And lonely. Strangely bright, too, but your mind is too occupied to wonder why. Like every night, you fall asleep fantasizing about Her... About Her divine body crushing you with firmness, suffocating you in softness, drowning you in moistness, and drying what's left of you off in blazing heat. But you're not touching yourself. You've learned that giving your body release before sleep keeps Her from coming to you in your dreams. And as intoxicating as Her miraculous body is, what you truly long for is more so still; Her inexplicable, affectionate devotion and worship. Her hunger for you, and how powerful it makes you feel. You fall asleep frustrated, but full of hope. Will you find release tonight? Click here to listen to the 27min audio Written by Reddit User inceststick Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles

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