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Updated: Feb 2

I feel like we all subscribe to SOMETHING monthly. If that's Netflix, or someone on OnlyFans *hint hint, nudge nudge* OR maybe you're into the physical goods like the curated boxes that have gained popularity online over the last decade. The ones that are always adverting to me are "Bark Box" where you get dog treats and toys every month, and Dollar Shave Club so I guess I must put out the vibe that I need more stuff for my dogs and I'm hairy. I haven't tried either of those though... But here's one I have tried (and I'll be posting about some others too!) Ipsy! They send you a new makeup bag every month with 5 beauty products inside *some sample size, some full size - with the option on their site to get add-ons Here's the package I got in the mail for November's Subscription:

I'm not the type of girl that knows a whole lot about makeup. I didn't use a lot of it in high school (like where most girls got their makeup experience) and it never was something that got me excited. Waking up in the morning and spending an extra half hour in the bathroom to paint your face was just never a thing that stuck with me. I'd rather go out with messy hair in a bun and my glasses on and use that extra half hour for sleep. It's never been important to me to get done up every day to face the world. Presentable of course. HOWEVER, now that I'm doing a lot more online content - I feel like sometimes I look like a fucking troll that just rolled out of a mud den in photos and videos IF I DON'T PUT AT LEAST SOME MAKEUP ON. I know I don't NEED it, but it's good to feel like a pretty girly girl. Now, I never said I was an ugly troll - I'm beautiful on those days too, probably the most beautiful troll in said mud den, but it's not the same. There's just a different kinda confidence when my lips are plump and glossy and my blue eyes are framed with luscious dark black eyelashes. It makes me feel like less of a troll goblin, and honestly some days I just need that for myself to feel good. Not always, but sometimes. Anyway, I could sit here and go into the whole dynamics of women and makeup and how we wear it for ourselves to make US feel good but I don't think I need to go there right now. The point of this post was to tell you about how I've been getting myself excited about makeup (and not getting stressed about what products to buy) That was mostly my problem... What If I buy something that's $30 and I find out I hate the eye shadow and never wear it. Or surprise, I'm allergic to something and my skin gets angry. As you can tell, this love-hate relationship I've had with makeup has been going on for a long time. It runs deep. I've tried Ipsy in the past and I really enjoyed it, so after using up all the makeup I had and feeling immense pressure from the Sephora website, not knowing what to get - I decided to go for this makeup subscription again to try a wide variety of things. I signed up for 12 months... and I know that may sound crazy, but it was only $132 and it's been a rough year, getting a little pick-me-up every month sounded good to me. IT HAS BEEN GOOD! I think this is my 3rd one now, and I've had so much fun experimenting with new products (basically every product is a new product for me because I'm a makeup n00b) Here's everything that came in November's bag (I did end up purchasing a few add on's too)

A few things I'm already excited to try: The EYEKO Rock Out and Lash Out Mascara, the TRÈSTIQUE Eye Pencil and the MOTD Face Brush. A girl can always use more makeup brushes! I re-ordered the POREfessional Hydrate Primer from BENEFIT COSMETICS (I LOVE IT) and I can tell you already, that COMMODITY Gold fragrance is NOT for me. I'm not really a perfume type, and my first sniff had my nose in a crinkle, but that's okay! Not everything's going to be a winner. If you too get intimidated by makeup, this may be a great subscription to try. I am not affiliated with Ipsy, I purchased the products myself. I've just been enjoying it enough to write about it so here we are! This post is not sponsored, however, I will get a small kick-back if you use my link to sign up, so click here if you're interested -BB

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