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Updated: Feb 2

That's what I keep telling myself, as I sit here nervously biting my nails trying to come up with something remotely interesting to put in this very first blog post. Just start writing and the words will come but even these next few were difficult to come up with. The first is always the worst. Is that a saying? Maybe it should be. The first time riding a bike sucks, the first time having sex hurts (getting your cherry popped SOUNDS like a cute thing but its not) and the first blog post isn't about to be a masterpiece. Its just... and introduction of sorts. Hello internet, here are my thoughts! I feel like 2020 has been extra hard year to express ourselves, with how much has been going on in the world. It doesn't feel like the right time to bring attention to ourselves but the truth is, its never the right time. As creators its our job to continually put ourselves out to the world to start conversations and influence change. My goal here is to give you the opportunity to learn more about me (and maybe yourself in the process), to help build up each others confidence, to be a momentary escape from the crazy going on in the world out there. To help spark excitement and curiosity in your sexual self. I like that way that sounds. If we haven't been formally introduced, let me take the opportunity because now is a perfect time to do so. My names Brittany and I'm a NSFW Voice Actress and Adult Content Creator. BUT WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! I am a firm believer in having a healthy body image and a positive view on sex - the content I create has been a very sexually empowering and freeing experience. I write and narrate erotic stories based on my own fantasies and explore different fetishes and kink's (some that are even new to me)! I like to create erotic photo sets and sometimes videos on OnlyFans too! Or as some people would put it: She's just another hoe selling pictures of her tits on the internet. Well, this hoe likes her job and she's going to keep doing it (and lets be honest, in all reality, creating content for a living is a hard job) Im not really sure what I'll be sharing on this blog... Maybe my experiences as an OnlyFans creator or Audiobook narrator? More about my personal life? Pets and hobbies? Cooking and Gardening? Im excited to have a new place to share my random thoughts and feels -BB

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