Mama Earth: Weekly Produce Box

If you didn't already know, we're living through a pandemic. Wild right? For the past year the only thing I've left my house for is groceries and dog food but lets be honest - the pandemic isn't getting any better and the less I can leave my house, the happier I am. When this all first started, I was enjoying the little visits to the grocery store... but putting on a mask to go out (that is always causing my glasses to get foggy) AND having to dodge coughing seniors at the store... then come home to sanitize all the groceries. I was gettin' tired of that shit, real fast. Aren't we all? I decided to start trying out a few grocery delivery services to give myself a break. Like this fresh produce box delivered to my door every Monday: Mama Earth!!

As always, this post is NOT SPONSORED in any way. No one has paid me to give a review; this is just my personal experience after testing out this service for 3 weeks From their website it says: Mama Earth is a subscription service for people who love to eat, cook, share, and learn about food. From local organic produce, chef-made meals and sustainable seafood, to everyday items like bread, dairy and eggs, each basket delivery is 1,000% guaranteed and makes good eating easy for those who don't have the time to shop

I have not tried any of the chef-made meals, seafood, bread or the dairy and eggs. I find a lot of that stuff on the website to be kind of expensive. For me, its been all about the organic produce and the fact that I can help support local farmers is a huge bonus. PLUS they deliver in this reusable tote, which they replace with a full one every week; so less cardboard for my recycle bin! Win-Win-Win! I order the $60 weekly produce box (pictured) You have the option to select the items in your box. The fact that its customizable is a huge bonus and they offer different size boxes starting from $40 up to $100 - weekly or bi-weekly! You can select Only Local Items, Only Fruit, Only Veg ect. or be more part of the process by picking and choosing. You can even add in more items from their "shop" if you want! Last week they were selling imperfect butter nut squash for an extra $3.50 each; imperfect meaning they had bumps or bruises in spots which doesn't matter to me, so I added a few to my delivery. They have all sorts of other add-on's like the chef-made meals, seafood and the stuff mentioned above; I just haven't tried any of those things yet. I always keep an eye out for stuff that's the right price for me, they often have sale items and bundles. Hows my experience been with Mama Earth? There's only one word for it, AWESOME!! I am completely obsessed after trying it for the past few weeks. I have never been able to pick out Avocado's, Mango's or Kiwi's from the grocery store without them being total trash BUT I HAVEN'T HAD THAT PROBLEM WITH MAMA EARTH!! Evey thing that comes in this box is high quality, ripe and ready *chef kiss* This was my biggest concern. I was worried the produce wouldn't be up to "Brittany's Standards" because I like to look and pick things out at the grocery store, but boy was I wrong. I cant even begin to describe how delicious the Kiwis are; how perfectly green the inside of each Avocado is and the sweetness of the Mango's are to die for! Now; I did have an issue with my order last week... My box arrived and I was missing a few items. I contacted Mama Earth and they sent me a FREE BOX because of the mix up! An entire free box. I didn't expect that. I would definitely say I am 1,000% satisfied and plan to keep ordering. The website is easy to use, the produce is top quality and the customer service is on point. I have nothing bad to say about this subscription service!!


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