My Hydroponic Rise Garden

*High pitched squealing* Okay, usually girls go wild over purses or shoes... FOR ME ITS FANCY GARDEN TOYS! Check out my NEW Hydroponic Rise Garden!!

Now, IVE ALWAYS BEEN a hands in dirt type of gardener but I've been playing around with Kratky Hydroponics for a little while and decided to dive in head first and spoiled myself with this big system! So right off the bat, I'll say: YOU CAN DO THIS FOR A LOT CHEAPER. This system is expensive and fancy and that's exactly why I chose it. I have a small house, very limited space and I am tired of looking at ugly shelves and purple grow lights (not that I have complaints about my laundry room setup, but its a little hard on the ol' eye balls) Plus, this unit sits right in my kitchen near my dining table so I needed something that looked nice and was compact. I will say, it does sound like a small fish tank because of the pump and running water. I don't know why I always expect these things to be silent, they are not. It got to me fast, just two business days after ordering; and I put it together (mostly) by myself. It took about an hour and a half but then I spent like 2 hours just looking at it because I was so excited. I may have needed my husband to help confirm I was setting up the pumps/tubes correctly. Not sure why I was asking him though, he also had no idea what to do either haha! We figured it out. Paying close attention to details in the instructions is important. Think of it like an Ikea Garden. Assembly is required.

Basically how this works: water is held in a tank in the bottom cabinet and is constantly being circulated through the two trays giving the plant roots nutrients and water. The Rise Garden comes with a very handy EC/PH meter and app that makes the nutrient part simple (this was always my biggest challenge with hydroponics). Its overall pretty low maintenance which is great since I have a lot of other gardening things that need my attention especially around this time of year! Spring is so close!! It also came with some of their own seed pods in a starter pack and a little seed starting container that reminds me of Swiss Chalet takeout MmMmmM... Chicken....

The brown pods are the ones that came with the Rise Garden, however there are lots of other hydro grow mediums out there, so I started some of my own seeds in the green-ish Rockwoll cubes. I have a few plants going so far but I've only had this thing for a week so nothing has gotten the chance to grow much yet. I'll update this blog in about a month and a half to show you how things have progressed and give more of my thoughts. So far I am very impressed and excited. I cant wait to eat a salad grown in my own kitchen!!

*Update Coming Soon!* -BB

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