Rebrand: Bye Bye BruisedBananaB & Hello BrittanyBabbles!!

Updated: Feb 2

I can't even begin to express how PUMPED UP I am about this change. It's been something I've been thinking about doing for a while now. When I started making Online Content I didn't really know what my direction/passions were. I was kinda just floating around on the internet trying to find what I liked to do best. I'm happy to finally say after 3 years of this, I feel like I really know what I want to be focusing on and have a clear idea of where I want things to go. I've been creeping on Reddit's GoneWildAudio thread for a while and its inspired so much creativity in me. I am making more character driven audios WITH SOUND EFFECTS AND MUSIC! *Wow* *Shock* *Awe* Real theater of the mind type shit. I don't know why I wasn't exploring this stuff before, maybe I was too wrapped up in my commercial reading for audio books (which, I am still doing on top of everything else by the way haha) The username BruisedBananaB was kinda just picked on a whim. It was a phrase that came out during a funny moment with a friend and It wasn't a very thoughtful choice on a username. I just kinda ran with it. Honestly, that was okay at the time. I wasn't trying to overthink things and wanted to have fun! Mission accomplished I'd say, but I feel like I've outgrown the username. I wanted something new that represented me and my audio content because that's my main passion. I MAKE PORN AUDIOS AND I LOVE IT. I can't say if I'll ever make visual porn content; being behind the mic is a more comfortable place for me than in front of a camera. I hope my followers can appreciate and respect that AND be kind to me as I explore all sorts of fetishes and kinks through audio. You're welcome to listen in! I share my personal moments and self written scripts to my OnlyFans page twice a month, I've been doing this for about a year now and I have no plans on slowing down BUT I have also started to post free naughty audios from time to time that are written by various Reddit users. As far as my photo and video content goes... I've learned how to self shoot pretty effectively because of the pandemic. You really have no choice but to figure things out when you're the only one you can rely on. I used to get help from my sister to make content, but we don't live in the same household and its now extremely inconvenient for her to come help me shoot stuff; so I just do it all by myself with fancy tripods, multiple cameras on timers and lights. I really have a lot of fun with those but it takes me all day and I'm exhausted by the end of it. I will keep doing photo and video content in the new year, and there's no doubt that I've pushed my boundaries with that stuff recently on my OnlyFans page as well.

I like making both types of content, but there will always be a sweet spot in my heart for audio projects! I feel like this is the right change so from now on you can find me online @BrittanyBabbles My social media pages aren't new *except for Reddit* - the names have just changed. BUT if you aren't already following, here they are: Twitter - Facebook - OnlyFans - Reddit Thank you SO MUCH for the love and support through my internet journey. I cant say thank you enough. I LOVE MY JOB! I'm excited to see what Brittany Babbles gets up to in 2021 ;) Have a safe and happy New Year! -BB

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