Why I Garden...

Updated: Mar 9

My grandma said it best: "I like to grocery shop in my backyard!!"

Gardening is my hobby, a fairly new one at that! But not so new that I don't already own a special "Gardening Hat"

So far it's been one of my most rewarding life experiences that just keeps getting better every year. I've grown things from Tomatoes to Potatoes, Squash and Swiss Chard. I've been growing WITH my garden this entire time and there are always new lessons waiting for me, in my own backyard.

I am the most powerful mage when I put on my garden gloves! I transform tiny seeds into delicious vegetable salads. My bulbs become beautiful bouquets of tulips. My trees provide me with shade when it's sweltering, and a dry spot when it's storming. I get to enjoy moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. The way the days and nights shift. Flowers blooming and bees working. Baby birds hatching. My garden is truly a gift.

There is never a shortage of things to do in the garden. Some days, I feel like a magician the way I make food appear or how I'm helping create a thriving little ecosystem here.

Gardening is my favorite way to stay physically active. It helps me stay in the present while also planning diligently for the future. It fills my lungs with fresh air and my heart with purpose. My stomach with homegrown goodness. It keeps me grounded in more ways than one.

I like how simple it is in the garden. My tools don't have to be very high tech. I like getting dirty, to feel the earth. The way the grass glides on my bare feet in the summer or how a cool fall breeze kisses my neck.

I love my fellow gardeners; the bees, worms, butterflies, ladybugs, hummingbirds, toads and even snails. We make a pretty good team.

My garden reminds me that life is beautiful but momentary. Things happen fast. We are seeds that bloom into beautiful flowers, propagate and die. In this world, nothing ever lasts.

Gardening has helped me practice gratitude, taught me the virtue of humility and has given me hope. I am thankful for my bountiful harvests, humbled by nature and hopeful for humanity when I witness the abundance and potential of our world in a garden.

Simply put, I garden because it makes me happy Picture is of my Princess Louise Oriental Poppy

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