You're NOT a monster!

Your girlfriend sees you one night in the forest and witnesses your secret... you're a werewolf! You are human again by the time she reaches you and you are slumped against a tree, sobbing. You feel horrible about lying to her and you tell her to abandon you. She refuses, tells you she loves you and takes you back home. Your curvy girlfriend brings you to the bedroom and makes love to you. Click here to listen to the 13min audio Themes in this audio include: [Human GF] [Werewolf listener] [spanking] [comforting you] [kissing] [holding hands] [L-bombs] [your secret found out] [groping] [reverse cowgirl][curvy girl] mentions of [breeding] [Wet Sounds][begging] [big cock] [screaming orgasm] [brief aftercare] Written By Reddit user u/Brilliant_Yak_4923 Voiced by @BrittanyBabbles

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