Your Husband Gets You A Private Burlesque Show

Your husband knows it's been a while since you've been with another woman. You left that lifestyle behind when you two got married. He knows your type and tonight he's planned something extra special for you; while he gets to watch, of course. All characters are 18+ Click here for the 21min audio Themes in this audio include: [F4F] [BGM] [Lesbian] [Pet Names] [Lapdance] [Husband Watching] [Sweet Start] [Voyeurism] [Dancer] [Compliments] [Cunnilingus] [Female Appreciation] [Body Appreciation] [Pussy Appreciation] [Bi] [Consenting] [Fingering] [69ing] [Fisting] [Spanking] [Brief Biting] [Body Worship] [Licking Sounds] Written By Reddit user u/Mental_Trap

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