Your Rough-and-Tumble Girlfriend Tries Being... Softer

Your girlfriend's always been hard on you, even before you started dating. The teasing, the bullying, the roughness during sex...she's used to showing her love in a less-conventional way. But recently she ventured outside her comfort zone of porn, and it awakened something inside of her! Now she wants to explore this so-called "gentle domme" kink, in the hopes that it'll enhance your relationship.

Click here to listen to the 14min audio

All characters are 18+

Themes in this audio include:

[Fdom][Msub][Tomboy][GFE][L-Bombs][Vaguely Meta][Exploring Kinks][Awkward At First][Gentle Fdom][Md/Lb][Pet Names][Back Rub][Neck Kisses][Reacharound Handjob][Cock Cleaning][Cum Swallowing] [Lap Pillow][Aftercare]

Written By Reddit user u/fluff-cunningham

Voiced by @brittanybabbles

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