~Happy New Year & My 1 Year OnlyFans Anniversary~

Updated: Jan 3

What a year its been! The entire world changed, flipped upside down. We are all still trying to adjust to the "new normal" and that may take a while. So be easy on yourself and others in 2021, I have a feeling we are in for A LOT more change... Speaking of "change"... I started offering my content on OnlyFans this time last year and boy oh boy, have we grown and evolved so much since then! I often receive messages from OnlyFans members telling me how much they've enjoyed watching me get more comfortable online. The comfort level has only grown because of how kind and supportive everyone's been there. People online can be very... pushy. Its easy to demand things from others when you're sitting behind a keyboard but I don't think "demanding something" has ever MADE someone want to do it. I've never been the type to give in to peer pressure. Demanding something from me makes me not want to do it... EVER. It was the patience and support from my members that boosted up my confidence so much, I became comfortable enough to start releasing TRUE TOPLESS CONTENT this year, which was a HUGE thing for me. We released the nipnops! Yayyy!! I'm generally a private person (okay, I know you laughed at that, because my life is very much displayed online) BUT I like to keep some things to myself. If you don't already know... I come from a radio broadcasting background. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like to be BEHIND the mic, not IN FRONT of a camera. With that being said, I have still pushed my boundaries with the photos/videos on OnlyFans this year. I am careful with what I show and only do what I feel comfortable with. I won't lie, I have my horny moments from time to time but I don't want to make visual porn type content an expectation for anyone who decides to sign up there. Speaking of "porn" type content... In 2020 my audio content has gone from mild spice to full on SEXUAL FIRE. I may not like to display my private parts for all to see online but I like to let you listen in to some of my most private moments and wildest fantasies, through audio. Some of my favorite projects this year for my member page were: The 30minute multiple orgasm audio I just released last month with *real orgasms*. I had fun with some Dom vibes with the "Sissy Bitch Boy and his Pathetic Small Penis Cums on Command" audio AND even though I rarely have time for custom requests, the "Professor Breeds His Student" audio was incredibly hot. I also discovered the GoneWildAudio subreddit and started voicing a few projects on there. I took massive inspiration from there by starting to add other elements into my stories (like sound effects and background music) - I tried out my first ever "Ramble Fap" on OnlyFans AND a "Monster Girl" script!! You can listen to the free audios by clicking here but you may want to wait until you're somewhere private... They're very not safe for work. I'm going to keep on keepin' on in 2021 - Still planning to keep creating on OnlyFans on the same schedule - 2 photo shoots a month and 2 new audio stories a month *written by me! I'll keep pushing my boundaries on OnlyFans but I don't have any plans to show my pussy or me having sex (I know you were about to ask) FETISH CONTENT THOUGH! Yes to fetish content! Sexy Cosplay, Leather, Fishnets, Whips, Ball Gags, Spanking, Spit Play, Feet, Body Oil, maybe Wax Play? Shibari? What else should I try? NO! Not nipple clamps, my nipnops are too sensitive for that haha! I do plan on sharing more to this website for free as well! More audio written by Reddit users and always free previews of the shoots I do for OnlyFans! Your support keeps all this going for me and without it, I probably couldn't afford to keep it up. THANK YOU for liking, commenting, retweeting, subscribing, buying my audio stories off iTunes & Amazon - YOU MAKE MY WORLD GO ROUND! Happy New Year! Be Safe & Stay Healthy


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