Custom Audio Commissions 

⚠️To purchase an audio from me, you must be 18 or older⚠️
Please read all the terms below and be respectful of my boundaries

💲 BrittanyBabble's Rates 💲

Cost is determined based on the length of the final audio file -  Prices are in USD
I retain the rights to use the audio as I wish unless you pay extra for Private use

⭐ 5mins & under $35
⭐ 5-10mins $65 
⭐ 10-15mins $100
⭐ 15-20 $130

All SFX are included such as background music, ambience, wet sounds etc.

Add Ons:

✳️ Add Your Name: I will edit your name out for my use
+$5 (Flat fee)


✳️ Taboo Kink Charge: For cases when a kink may be outside of my personal comfort zone. This is a limited case by case basis. I am VERY open to lots of requests and generally don't charge additional for kink.

+$20 (Flat fee)

✳️Private Use Audio: An audio just for you, for personal use. I will not redistribute this to my other platforms
+$50 (Flat fee)




🎧Request Details🎧


If you have a script:

  • Please provide the link to script or you can email it to me at for review. If you are not the writer; Please have written proof from the writer that you are allowed to use their work for this purpose

If you do not have a script:

  • I have a writer that I work with on a regular basis that I can commission a script from, for you. You will be responsible for paying the writer for the script via Paypal before the recording starts. Find his rates here



  • If I do not feel comfortable with a request, I will not be upset or make fun of you for asking, I will just politely decline

  • Not much I have hard limits on and I am open to trying new things I may not personally be as familiar with

  • Certain kinks that may breach limits will have an additional fee✳️


💰Payment Methods Accepted💰

  • Paypal

  • Gumroad

  • AVNStars


📦Delivery of Your Final Audio📦

  • Timeframe: Depending on if your script is pre-written or not, it can take 1 to 3 weeks from commission date for your final audio. I will send progress updates.

  • File will be delivered via email or dropbox link

  • Payment is expected on delivery of the final audio

  • Repeat buyers can ask for a 💜 special discount 💜

🛑 Other Important Details 🛑

Rights & Privacy
I retain full rights to audios that I make, no matter the use, commission, or otherwise. That means I have full legal ownership to post my audio when or how I would like. I retain all rights to the resulting audio including the distribution, reproduction, and sale of my audios in all forms. However, I will not post or share any audios anywhere public that are intended to be private ✳️. This includes reselling on Gumroad or posting on OnlyFans, Reddit and so on


I reserve the right to change any of these terms, including limits, rates, and add ons, at any given time, but not retroactively (after the fact.)
I determine my rates based on the Global Voice Acting Academy rate guide


You may not redistribute, share with others, or post without my written explicit authorization PRIOR to doing so even if you purchase the private use. Private use is intended for only personal use.  Posted audios without my written explicit authorization will face legal action, including payment for legal fees, royalties, and back payment for license fees of $500+ $50.00 per minute of shared audio without my explicit written consent.


By purchasing a custom audio from me, you agree to all the terms as outlined in this document. If you have any additional questions, please ask prior to payment.