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Hi, Im BrittanyBabbles; a full-time Voice Actress!

I voice all sorts of projects from apps to audiobooks but my main passion is making Erotic Audio for Men. Its an intimate immersive experience that will tickle your brain, amongst other things 😉 In my erotic audios you are a participant, not just a listener

I like to cater to all sorts of kinks and fetishes so
you may find some links to audios with triggering themes on this website⚠️ All of my content is made by/for adults

This site is ad free and will stay that way because of your continued support. I believe in being honest and upfront about what I do, because my audience and clients deserve transparency

I pride myself on being a professional Voice Actress.
With that being said, this is not a dating site and I am not looking to make "friends". Please respect that this is my business.

Thanks for visiting!!


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