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Thanks for visiting the site, I'm Brittany

I've been doing freelance voice acting since 2018. I voice all sorts of projects from commercials to audio books but my main focus is creating story driven audio. In my audios the listener is a participant.

 I believe in being honest and upfront about what I do, because my audience and clients deserve transparency. I pride myself on being a
professional Voice Actress. With that being said, this is a no-judgement zone. These audios are roleplays that are made to help people live out some of their wildest fantasies (or vanilla ones, if that's what you prefer!)

I cater to all sorts of kinks and fetishes so you may find some links to audios with triggering themes on this website⚠️ All of my content is made by/for adults

I use
this website as my main hub for sharing updates and links to new content. The best way to find the audio you are looking for is through the audio "Masterlist". Its free to sign up for but requires an email (I don't accept signups from email addresses that are meant to hide your identity) I will never send you spam and your signup will remain anonymous (except to my web developers)

I am currently a 100% self funded creator; meaning I can only continue to create content with the help of you (my supporters)!!!
Every follow, like, comment, subscription and purchase matters and I appreciate it so much!

Click here to visit my "links" page to find out how you can support me!


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