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UPDATE: As of Feb 2024
After hearing feedback from my audience, I have made a few adjustments to the content I am currently offering on Patreon. I will not be completely walking away from the platform at this time; but please be aware that my focus this year is adding more audios to my Erotic Audio shop (that otherwise would not be able to be posted to patreon due to their stricter content guidelines)

*Think of my Patreon Page as a TIP JAR with some bonuses for signing up!

⚠️Please note; Patreon TOS does not allow taboo themes to be shared on their platform. You will not find any mommydom/stepsis/noncon type content on my Patreon Page⚠️



Patrons will be charged on the day they join and then monthly on that same date. EXAMPLE: if a patron joins on the 10th, they’ll be charged on that day, and then monthly on the 10th.
Prices are in USD


Patreon offers you a unique way to support my work! Please don't feel obligated to sign up, but here's a little bit about why having a Patreon is important to me:

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes. It takes a small team to keep this running and every little bit of support I can get; helps. I have a writer that I work closely with and pay him for all my scripts. I have equipment and operating costs, and I spend so much time not only voicing these audios, but editing them and doing the sound design

Work life balance is super important and being able to have your continued support through a monthly subscription, means I have a bit of "job security" which is rare for an independent online creator. So if you enjoy what I do, help me support my business, while I can focus on creating the content I love


TL/DR: By singing up for my Patreon, you are giving me job security. There are other ways to support me and my work if Patreon doesn't have what you are looking for. Some audios posted to patreon are EXCLUSIVE meaning they aren't available to be listened to or purchased on any of my other platforms, the exclusive audios are listed below



💜Prioritize my Erotic Audio work

💜Pay my writer and a part time editor

💜Hire artists to make matching artwork for the audio stories - I am very against the use of AI artwork; and will always hire real artists to give a visual aspect to my audios. The funds from Patreon help me do exactly that

💜Invest in better equipment and software; to offer higher quality content!

💜Feed my dogs



Untitled design.gif

💜 This tier is for those fans would simply like to send a tip to support my work. As a signup bonus, you get access to some Artwork of my Original Character, An Announcement of what I'm working on each month (posted on the 1st) and the ability to make suggestions on topics/themes for future audios (I no longer have a public Free Audio Request form anymore - this is the only way to get your suggestion in unless you hire me for a custom commission)

Pocket Rocket.gif


💜 At this tier you'll have the power to decide on one free audio that gets released monthly - voting goes up on the 2nd of each month. The vote is always between stories that are ideas suggested by Patrons. You also get access to Bonus Welcome Audios that are exclusive to patreon such as:
-Your Goth Girlfriend Is Bad At Being A Sub

-Starting A Threesome On The Dance Floor

-Your Mouse Girlfriend Distracts Herself From the Scary Movie Using Your Cock


💜 At this tier you'll get the previous rewards AND be able to access Short Erotic Audios posted to the Patreon Timeline. These audios are exclusive to Patreon! Each of these audios would normally be priced at $15 each in the erotic audio shop. There are 20+ exclusive Quickies available to listen to on signup which means you get a $300 worth of audio at this tier

Exclusive Audios For Quickie Members Include:
- Your Gorgon Girlfriend Finally Gets To Look At You

- Sexy Cyber-Bitch Uses Her Weaponized Feet On You

- Your Girlfriend Makes You A Valentines Box

- “You Slept Through The Landing? I Can Wake You Up...”

- My Mouth Is Obsessed With Your Cock

- Catching The Gingerbread Girl and Making her your Gingerbread Bimbo

- Hiring A Sex-Starved Personal Photographer

- The Goth Clerk At The Gas Station Has You Fill Her Up

- “Bigfoot? Sure, but you can call me Brittany”

- Sultry Slime Girl Sucks Up All Your Cum

- Frustrated Girlfriend Proves She Can Deepthroat You By Handcuffing You

- Your Insecure Tomboy Girlfriend Sneaks In To Take Your Virginity
- Your Magical Guardian Doesn’t Want To Risk Losing You

- Elf Detective Breaks In Her Rookie Partner

- The Sperm Bank
Waterfall Sex In The Park With A Shy Girlfriend
- Comforted And Fucked By Your Pixie Tree Girl

- Your Shy Apothecary Is Secretly A Witch (Creampie Ending)
- Your
Free-Use Lawyer Thinks No Nut November Is Stupid [24mins]

- “It’s Not Cheating If I’m Digital!”

- Stealing The Elite-X Display Doll From The Party Store

+A collection of "Name Quickies" which are 30sec to 1min clips of me moaning your name. You can request your name by sending me a DM. This is for Quickie and Audio Archive members only. Posted currently are: Kevin, Michael, Steve, Ben - More are added every Wednesday


💜 At this tier you'll get all the previous rewards PLUS access to some Archived Audios that are no longer available on my other platforms. These audios are typically longer than the quickies and include some multi part series.


There are 30+ Archived Audios available to listen to on signup, with more being added monthly!

Some of these audios normally sell for $15 each in my Erotic Audio Shop PLUS you get to access all the quickies and bonuses from the lower tiers!! By subscribing to this tier you can immediately access over $700 worth of exclusive audios for just $30

This is a great value for the cost

Exclusive Audios In The Audio Archive Box Include:

- "Aren’t You Turned On By Giving Me Pleasure?"

- Getting Pregnant on Prom Night

- Professor Breeds His Student

- The H-R Dominatrix Verifies Your Size

- Cum Inside Your Tight Little Cupid On Valentine’s Day

- Giving Your Catgirl Her Treat

- Mistress Tames Her Puppy

- Demons Don't Have Gag Reflexes

- Your VR Girl Gets Upgraded

- Premarital Breeding & Postpartum Breeding

- Pull Aside The Sheet, Expose Yourself For Your Mistress

- Excuse Me, Could I Trouble You For A Face Fuck?

- I Can’t Fall Asleep Without Your Cum!

- Your Sexy Sorceress Needs To Heal You, But She’s Out Of Mana

- Getting Drained By Your Vampire Mistress

- Unexpected Multiple Orgasms For Her

- Guided Meditation Masturbation

- Cucking The Bull / Giving In To The Bull / "Tonight I Dumped My Bull For You" / You Can Help Raise My Bull’s Baby / My Bull Takes Your Place For Our 2nd Honeymoon

/ The Bull Crashes Your Halloween Party... Then Crashes Your Wife

- Worshipping Your Troll Girl’s Feet

- Pre-Game Ritual

- Your Wife Loans Out Your Massive Cock

- Big-Titty Shark Girl Goes Feral For Your Cock

- Your Cute Little Anal Slut Girlfriend

- Android Police Use Their Massive Breasts To Subdue You & Android Boob Police 2 - The Reeducation Center

- Bimbo Fairy Gets Stuck In A Lantern & Bimbo Fairy Needs Your Cum To Change Size

- Tattoo Dom Marks You And Makes You Hers

- Your Dommy College English Teacher Proves Language Is A VirusYour College English Teacher Analyzes Your Kinks... And Fulfills Them

Plus all the audios from the Quickie Tier too!

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